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discipleship groups


At Oaks Parish, Discipleship Groups serve as a greenhouse for going deeper with God and others. Meeting in the 'off-week' of Parish Community, men's and women's discipleship groups seek holistic gospel transformation in relationship to God, one another, and culture. Through these groups Oaks Parish grows as a church of disciples who are learning to disciple others both inside and outside the church.


In his person and work, Jesus embodied the gospel of grace that leads to the flourishing of relationship with God, one another, and place. As a result people came to know the love of God, began thinking about their story and relationships differently, and engaged culture with fresh eyes (sometimes literally after being blind!) In discipleship groups we utilize resources that shape us along these lines, synonymous with our core values. Here are some examples: 

  • Formative Rhythms (God)-Study an in-depth study of a book of the Bible, such as Galatians or a study of prayer such as Paul Miller’s A Praying Life
  • Extended Family (self & one another)-We learn how to understand the authorship of God in one’s own personal story and how to tell this story. We utilize resources such as the Enneagram, and Richard Rohr’s book of the same title, to gain a greater understanding of one’s own heart and the impact of our unique design on relationships at church, work, and home. 
  • Urban Parish (culture)-Reading and discussing a book such as The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield.


The disciples not only had a front-row seat to the renewal of Christ, but Jesus made a personal investment in twelve men who would go on to disciple others in a movement of church planting. At Oaks Parish we want to disciple people who disciple people who disciple get the idea!

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