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parish communities

The word 'parish' in original Greek comes from a root word meaning "dwelling beside, stranger, sojourner". I can't think of a better way to describe our aspirations in parish communities. Each of our communities serve our parish in a unique way. In a given month you might find our community focused on healthcare building an access ramp for a family battling terminal illness or our education community spreading bark dust at a parish school. We pursue discipleship this way because it resonates sociologically. As with a country club if you pursue only community you might occasionally find a way to serve with others. But with a non-profit, when you pursue a shared mission with others you always get community along the way. We preeminently pursue discipleship in this way because of what we see in the life of Jesus. In the Gospels Jesus didn't gather his disciples to simply create community and actually this was often his critique of the status quo amongst the people of God. Rather Jesus was fixed on sacrificial service that led to renewal, ultimately Jerusalem, the cross, resurrection, and his ascension. As he pursued this mission with his disciples, they experienced deep and abiding community along the way. 

In addition to coming alongside various causes within our parish, our communities are places where newcomers are welcome and you can safely explore your spiritual journey. Parish communities meet regularly every other Sunday evening from 5-7 PM for a meal, spiritual discussion that comes from our sermon series, and coordination for the group's particular service endeavor.  

We'd love to welcome you to one of these communities! For more info & to get connected please contact the following leaders:


Supporting quarterly medical & dental clinics for marginalized neighbors in Southeast. 

Contact Becky Dallum.


Enjoying relationships and service at the Willamette Women's Shelter in West Moreland. 

Contact Melissa Binder.


Ministry to middle and high schools student in Southeast. 

Contact Martha VanHouten