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Giving is an act of worship whereby we respond to the generosity and lordship of Christ. Gifts to Oaks Parish go to support our ministry and mission to follow God for the flourishing of southeast Portland. All gifts are tax deductible under IRS guidelines. Thanks in advance for your faithfulness to God and generosity to Oaks Parish! 

You can now give to Oaks Parish in the three ways:

  • Online-With debit card or ACH withdrawal. Click the "Give Here" button. 
  • Sunday Gatherings-During tithes & offerings in our worship liturgy. 
  • Bill Pay or Check-Can be sent to the following address:

                                                Oaks Parish
                                                4207 SE Woodstock Blvd #560
                                                Portland, OR 97206

*All gifts to Oaks Parish are tax deductible under IRS guidelines and giving receipts will be sent on a quarterly and annual basis. Please email our Operations Coordinator Rebekah Shaw with any questions related to gifts.